CLB3x3 set to return to action with a new technology partner

April 22, 2024

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Image: Darwin Waterfront CLB3x3 FIBA Court / Supplied.

Already on a growth curve and set to debut at the postponed Tokyo Olympics next year, just like other sporting codes and organisations, 3×3 basketball was forced to take a break due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Played outdoors in playgrounds across the world, 3×3 basketball may well be one of the first sports to regain traction.

With the coronavirus devastating the global economy, sporting organisations were forced to cancel events, competitions and initiate a forced break to help play their part in stopping the spread of the deadly disease. For some it has become a battle for survival, while others took the opportunity to sit back, evaluate where they were at, and explore ways to adapt and position themselves to grow when things returned.

Pioneer event operator CLB3x3 used the enforced time away from the sport wisely, and will relaunch their 3×3 Australian circuit of events with new technology partner PlaySport to underpin their long-term success and continue growing the sport from the grass roots up.

“We took the opportunity to evaluate where we were in terms of growth, where we were experiencing challenges, and of course where the opportunities were,” explained Champions League Basketball founder and CLB3x3 General Manager Matt Hollard.

To be able to relaunch their exciting and innovative 3×3 National Leagues and competitions hosted across Australia, CLB3x3 Director of Marketing Events Yvette Williams outlined that they needed a partner to help bring awareness and continue growing 3×3 league participation, particularly leading into the Olympics and other events played on the world stage.

“We were using multiple software programs and apps to run the business, so we were very excited when presented with the PlaySport opportunity, who had the first ever all in one platform that was user friendly and visually appealing,” shared Williams. “To play a role in assisting with the creation of extra features such as EDM distribution, team management and court bookings has also been a real highlight and an exciting part of our pivotal and innovative journey.”

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An innovative online platform that was officially launched at the 2019 National Sports Convention, PlaySport connects the community with more than 300 sports and competitions, and will now promote Champions League Basketball events and competitions, including CLB3x3 events.

“When people go to PlaySport they are looking for activities in both traditional and the new sports space,” added Williams. “Now they will be able to find, register and book into any of the new CLB3x3 events, club leagues or court locations all in one easy to use platform, which they would not have known about if it wasn’t for PlaySport’s broad reach.”

Jack Mansfield, CEO of PlaySport, was delighted to be able to work with the team at Champions League Basketball, outlining a host of benefits his platform can deliver sporting organisations and events such as CLB3x3.

“Working with CLB3x3 has given them the opportunity to refine and develop their platform to continue to save CLB3x3 and numerous other sporting organisations’ time and money,” outlined Mansfield.

“Now more than ever, sport organisations are under-resourced and need to stay in touch with the community. PlaySport’s unique ability to promote, manage, communicate and connect every sport in Australia on one platform will support innovation across the Australian sporting landscape, especially in the current climate.”

3×3 drills for isolation | Zac Maloney

With 3×3 basketball set to be one of the first sports able to resume competition post-COVID-19 lock down, Hollard was quick to reinforce that the shorter form of the game appeals to every age group, from kids, teenagers, parents and adults all looking for entertaining sport and exercise.

“Parents are time poor and, in many cases, financially strapped as well, but they still want their kids to exercise and find a sport that isn’t going to consume their whole day or add extra pressure to their financial situation,” said Hollard.

“3×3 means a player can get together with just five of his or her mates and enjoy replicating their basketball heroes with plenty of court time, slam dunks and three pointers – all in the space of 10 minutes. Of course, everyone wants to compete to be the team on top, so in a couple of hours, multiple teams can run a full competition with an overall winner that can be challenged week in and week out.”

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