CLB3X3 Queensland earns MAXIMUM points

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Well run events with high ranking points can change a 3on3 landscape very quickly.

After two first time FIBA3x3 events for CLB in Mackay and Townsville the results are in!

A total of 515,887 ranking points were awarded to our event participants, which saw some very significant changes to our 3×3 landscape;

✅ Australia moved into position 33, now ONLY 1 ranking spot behind New Zealand

✅ No.2 ranked player Tim Keating (126,500) closed the gap on No.1 Ranked player Andrew Steel (137,250)

✅ No.1 ranked female player Carlie Smith held her No.7 ranking strong and moved to within just 72 points of the No.6 spot and with her inclusion in 2018 FIBA3x3 Asia Cup could see Carlie easily move into the Top 5

✅ NBL legend Peter Crawford moved up to No.14 and now sees him knocking on the door of the Top 10

This weekend also marked the debut of Harry Froling’s 3×3 career and in a Townsville Suns jersey no less and in addition to that we saw the return of Alexandra Fowler (U18 FIBA 3X3 World Cup player) joining in for the girls Townsville Suns team and taking out the close win to RIP City 14 – 12.

Looking forward to our return to Townsville and Mackay – thank you so much for having us! 




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